Concrete spalling (carbonating) occurs when the reinforcing steel in concrete corrodes. The corrosion is caused
by the ingress of salt and carbon dioxide into the concrete. When steel corrodes, the rust has a larger volume than the original
steel and this expansion breaks the surrounding concrete. Concrete where spalling (carbonating) occurs must be chipped
away and removed. The damaged and rusted steel reinforcing needs to be cleaned away, down to bright, shiny metal.
IT will then be painted with a corrosion resistant paint system. Should Inadequate cleaning, repair and painting, take place this my ay lead to further contamination of
the concrete. It is important that all concrete areas with a negative pH (less than 12) are removed and repaired. The repaired area is then re-instate with a
lightweight cement mix. Dreamcoat specialises in the repairing of spalling. and have repaired a considerable number of high rise buildings throughout Durban and surrounds.

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