Sound Surface preparation produces Sound painting Systems

Paint coatings are composed of different chemicals, which combine synergistically to provide the paint with its properties. However, in order to derive the optimum paint properties and maximise the longevity of the coatings, it is of paramount importance that the paint coating is applied using best painting practices and according to the manufacturer’s specifications. In the main, it is essential that the substrate to which the paint coating is applied is free of defects that will affect the adhesion of the coating system. Adhesion to the substrate is the key to coating longevity. In addition, it is important to use a paint coating system that will protect the building substrates and enhance the aesthetics of the building. Dreamcoat Painting addresses all the elements of surface defects, and performs detailed repairs, removal, cleaning and general preparation that is required prior to the painting of new and existing plaster, concrete, brickwork, and building boards. Prevention is better than cure and the secret to a perfect, long-lasting paint finish is a sound, clean and dry substrate and the correct use of products. It is important to note that for optimum coating performance, fresh plaster should be allowed to dry and cure adequately, i.e. one week drying for every 5mm thickness, and longer in cold or damp weather. Contact us for a detailed scope of work on your next project.