Good work confirmation – Home Owners

Good evening,


I would like to express my satisfaction at the painting of the complex which has been going on for about a month now.


The workers work tirelessly in the blistering heat without any word of complaint and at the same time are very quick and efficient. The workers are mainly very pleasant and their attention to detail, neatness and professional quality of work are all very admirable – I also noticed that they have been patching up areas of work which were damaged after the recent rains.


Please pass on my expression of appreciation to the contractor – good work need not go unnoticed.


Please also let them know that I am not the only one pleased with their work – alot of the other residents have expressed similar sentiments – keep up the good work.


Thank you.

Warm regards, Dr. Kistan

Good work confirmation – Graceland

Good Morning


The above job has been completed as per the quote . If UTH need any recommendations for a professional painting company then Dreamcoat, are definitely number one


1. They are a team who know what to do and just get on with the job.

2. They take time to ask the customer if they are happy each step of the process.

3. Advice is freely given in a professional manner.

4. The customer is kept up to date with what is happening each day .

5. I would like to personally thank Brian and his team who treated this relatively small job as if it was a major commercial building . Their friendliness and impeccable workmanship is to be admired .


Thank you very much William and Brian

Kind regards